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Dongguan JANEE Precision Hardware Co., Ltd provides custom precision-engineered CNC turning parts to meet your exact specifications. We offer high-quality, durable cnc turning components suitable for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical. Utilizing advanced CNC technology, we ensure tight tolerances and superior finishes for all parts. Our capabilities include producing complex geometries, threaded components, and multi-material assemblies. Trust our experienced team to deliver reliable and consistent parts that enhance your products' performance. Contact us for a quote and experience unmatched precision and quality in every order.

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Precision-engineered to your specifications.
High-quality materials for durability.
Suitable for automotive, aerospace, and medical industries.
Advanced CNC technology ensures tight tolerances.
Capable of producing complex geometries and threaded components.
Multi-material assemblies available.
Reliable and consistent performance.


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