Custom Dog Leash Shock Absorbing Spring

Custom Dog Leash Shock Absorbing Spring

Custom Dog Leash Shock Absorbing Spring

Custom Spring steel Dog Leash Shock Absorbing Spring - Custom Spring Fabrication Service
Dog leash shock absorbing springs are designed to reduce the impact of sudden pulls by distributing the force evenly, preventing strain on both the dog and the handler. The purpose of this device is to absorb the strength between dog and human. Add it between the leash and the fixed connection will ease your pet’s sudden stop. Come with a heavy duty clip to attach to your existing dog collar and another quality loop at the end for hook up to your leashThey enhance comfort during walks, reduce the risk of injury, and improve control over the dog. The dog leash shock absorbing springs are nickle plated, which makes the surface looks shiny and beautiful. They widely used for their ability to provide a smoother, safer walking experience, particularly for strong or energetic dogs.

Dog leash shock absorbing springs

Dog leash shock absorbing springs are produced by Spring Winding Machine, at the same time, heat treatment and metal Plating can be applied with, such as zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating and precious metal plating, to get a beautiful dog leash shock spring with great strength.
Dongguan JANEE Precision Hardware Co., Ltd has been excelling at Spring Fabrication service for 20 years, providing and delivering high quality Custom Dog leash shock absorbing springs which 
Minimise stress on your dog’s neck and shoulders if he/she is chasing something and gets to the end of the leash. Dog will feel appreciate as it offers more freedom and take the pain out of him/ her. It protect the dog walkers from the acute pain caused by the sudden pull. Reduce muscle soreness on arms and back and make your walking time much more comfortable.

We have accumulated rich experience in spring fabrication service for different material dog leash shock absorbing springs. The main different material we processed are Spring steel dog leash shock absorbing springs, Stainless steel dog leash shock absorbing springs, Steel dog leash shock absorbing springs. All the dog leash shock absorbing springs process adheres to ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems and we are committed to deliver high quality high precision dog leash shock absorbing springs. Contact us for your custom springs solutions!
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Something about Our Custom Spring Fabrication Service:

  • Material: Spring Steel, SS201, SS301, SS304, SS316, Carbon Steel, Iron
  • Surface treatment: Nickel Plating, Galvanized, Heat treatment, Polished, Electrophoresis and others. Here to view more.
  • Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
  • Size: Custom to any size you want
  • Delivery time: 10 days
  • Drawing format: PDF/STEP/DXF/X_T/PNG/Physical samples
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • Samples: Free sample available
  • Usage: Hold down the swing sets, Camping tents, Fences
  • After sales service: After the customer receives the product, if the product does not meet the requirements, our company will first analyze where the problem is. If it is a processing error, our company will arrange a redo or a full refund as soon as possible. If the customer's drawing is wrong, if the sample is wrong and the product is scrapped, it will be discussed separately. I believe that any problem can be satisfactorily resolved through communication and negotiation until the customer is satisfied. Please feedback to us any problem within 15 days after you received them.
  • All parts are custom made according to client’s drawing or samples

Custom spring fabrication service

Dog Leash Shock Absorbing Spring Application

Custom Dog Leash Shock Absorbing Springs Application:

  • Standard Dog Leashes: Prevents strain on the dog’s neck and the handler’s arm, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Retractable Dog Leashes: Enhances control and safety while allowing the dog some freedom to explore.
  • Training Leashes: Ensures effective training without causing harm to the dog.
  • Running Leashes: Provides a more stable and comfortable experience for both the runner and the dog.
  • Double Dog Leashes: Prevents tangling and reduces the impact of pulls from either dog.
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