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Black Oxided

Black oxide finishing

What is Black Oxided?

Black oxide, also known as blackening, is a chemical conversion coating used to produce a black finish on ferrous metals (such as steel and iron). This process creates a layer of black iron oxide on the metal surface, which provides several benefits including improved corrosion resistance, enhanced appearance, and increased wear resistance.



Black Oxided Parts

Applicable Materials

The choice of substrate material depends on the specific application requirements and the properties desired for the coated surface.
Common metals onto which DLC coatings can be applied include:

Stainless Steel

Why choose Black Oxided?

Corrosion Resistance: The black oxide layer provides a barrier against corrosion, protecting the underlying metal from rust and oxidation. 
The Left one is only heat treated and the right one is heat treated and black oxided. 

Corrosion Resistant black oxided
Enhanced Appearance: Black oxide imparts a sleek, uniform black or dark grey finish to metal parts, improving their aesthetic appeal.
Black oxided steel parts
Increased Lubricity: The black oxide layer can reduce friction and improve the lubricity of metal parts, making them smoother and more resistant to wear and abrasion.

Minimal Dimensional Change: Unlike some other surface treatments like plating, black oxide treatment typically does not significantly alter the dimensions or tolerances of the metal parts.


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