Black Oxided in CNC Machined Part

Black Oxided in CNC Machined Part

Black Oxided in CNC Machined Part

We take pride in being a professional CNC processing factory that offers premium black oxided processing services. Through strategic partnerships with top-tier black oxided treatment facilities, Janee guarantees exceptional results and delivers high-quality black oxided treatments to our valued clients. 

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Black Oxided in CNC Machined Part

Black oxided finishing is a surface treatment method that involves immersing CNC machined metal parts in a chemical solution to create a black oxide layer on their surfaces. This process enhances corrosion resistance, improves aesthetics with a sleek black finish, and may provide some level of wear resistance.
Black oxided parts are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, firearms, machinery, and general manufacturing, where both functional durability and visual appeal are important.


Heat Treatment Black Oxided in CNC machining (1)
Heat Treatment Black Oxided in CNC machining (3)
Heat Treatment Black Oxided in CNC machining (4)
Heat Treatment Black Oxided in CNC machining (6)

Benefits of Black oxided finishing in CNC machining

Effect of Black Oxided VS orignial
The difference outlooks between blackening and no blacken after heat treatment


  • Corrosion Resistance: Black oxide coatings provide a layer of protection against corrosion, extending the lifespan of CNC machined parts, especially those exposed to harsh environments or moisture.
  • Enhanced Durability: The black oxide layer improves the hardness and wear resistance of metal parts, reducing surface damage from friction, abrasion, and handling.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Black oxided parts have a sleek, uniform black finish that enhances their visual appeal, making them suitable for decorative or high-end applications where appearance matters.
  • Reduced Light Reflection: The black oxide coating reduces light reflection on metal surfaces, making it ideal for parts used in optical equipment, firearms, and other applications where glare reduction is important.
  • No Dimensional Changes: Unlike some other finishing methods, black oxided finishing does not significantly alter the dimensions or tolerances of CNC machined parts, ensuring precise fit and functionality.

Black Oxided VS QPQ VS Phosphating:

Heat Treatment Black Oxided in CNC machining (5)

Black Oxided

Black Oxided, also known as Black Oxide Coating or Blackening. This process involves immersing metal parts in an oxidizing solution at high temperatures, forming a black oxide layer on the surface. It offers corrosion resistance, durability, and a blackened appearance.

QPQ-Stainless Steel (2)

QPQ (Quench-Polish-Quench)

QPQ is a specialized thermochemical treatment that enhances wear resistance, hardness, and corrosion resistance, ideal for parts in high-friction environments like gears, shafts, and tools, commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing.

Phosphated Gray


Phosphating, also known as phosphate conversion coating, involves applying a phosphate coating to metal surfaces through chemical reactions. It enhances corrosion resistance, improves paint adhesion, and provides a base for lubricants or other coatings. Phosphating can be gray or black, depending on the type of phosphate used.

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