Brass is a popular material used in CNC machining due to its excellent properties. It is known for its corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and attractive appearance. Brass is commonly used for decorative components, fittings, valves, and electrical connectors. It offers good machinability, allowing for precise shaping and fine detailing


Lead time: in as fast as 5 days

Finishing available:  Passivation, Brush, Sandblating, Nickel Plating , Chrome plating, Zinc Plating, Power coating

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Brass parts

PTFE Commonly known as Teflon, PTFE resists high temperatures and chemicals/solvents excellently in and is also a great insulator. It is also a very slippery plastic, which makes it a good material for low-friction applications such as bearings.

Production Lead Time: As fast as 5 days
Colors Available: White, Black

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Copper is a reddish-brown metallic element known for its excellent electrical conductivity,machinability and heat dissipation properties. It is a widely used material in CNC machining and is frequently employed in electrical components, heat sinks, and intricate mechanical parts where precision and efficiency are critical.
Production Lead Time: As fast as 3 days
Finishing Available: As-milled, Passivation, Brush, Sandblasting, Polishing and etc.

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Material Copper

Steel is a versatile material known for its strength, durability, and excellent machining properties. Janee offers both steel alloy and carbon steel options, which are useful for a variety of applications including brackets, mounting plates, draft shafts, axles, torsion bars, gears, bolts, spring, shafts, brake discs and structural applications.

Production Lead Time: As fast as 5 days
Steel Alloys: 4140, 4130, A514, JIS SCM435, 52100,
Carbon Steel: Q235, 1018, C45, A36, A572
Finishing Options: Black Oxide, Electropolishing, Media Blasting, Nickel Plating, Powder Coating, Tumble Polishing,
Zinc Plating, Vibratory Tumbling and etc.

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Material Steel

Stainless steel, highly favored in CNC machining, offers exceptional corrosion resistance, strength, and machinability. Its versatility caters to various industries such as medical automative and aerospace, where durable, visually appealing, and corrosion-resistant parts are essential.

Production Lead Time: As fast as 5 days
Alloys Available: 303, 304, 316, 410, 416, 440C, 17-4PH
Finishing Availble: Passivation, Polishing, Power Coating and etc

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Material Stainless Steel

Titanium may be selected over other materials such as steel due to its ability to withstand high and subzero temperatures. Common use cases include aerospace fasteners, turbine blades, engine components, sports equipment and marine applications.

Production Lead Time: As fast as 5 days
Grade: Titanium Grade 5
Finishing Available:  Sandblasting, Passviation, PVD, Polishing and etc.

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Material Titanium

Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, is prized for its durability, malleability, and unique golden-brown hue. Used since ancient times, it boasts a range of applications, from sculptures and musical instruments to coins and decorative items. With its rich history, bronze continues to captivate with its timeless beauty and versatility in various artistic and industrial endeavors.

Producation Lead Time: As fast as 7 days

Finishing Available: As machined, Brushed, Polished, Passviation and ect.

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Material Bronze

Delrin, a type of acetal resin, is widely used in the CNC machining field for its excellent dimensional stability, low friction coefficient, and high stiffness. This versatile engineering plastic is ideal for creating precision parts and components, as it offers excellent machinability, good wear resistance, and resistance to chemicals and moisture. With its reliable performance and consistent quality, Delrin is a popular choice for various industrial applications.

Production Lead Time: As fast as 5 days
Colors Available: White, Black, Brown

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Material Delrin

Aluminum is a widely used material in CNC machining due to its favorable properties and versatile applications. It is known for its lightweight nature, high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent conductivity, and corrosion resistance. 

Production Lead Time: in as fast as 5 days.
Alloy Available: 6061-T6, 7075-T6, 2024, 5052, 5058, 6063, 6068, 7075

Finishing Available:  Alodine, Anodizing Types II&III, Media Blasting,, Powder Coating, Chrome Plating, Tumble Polishing, Brush, Silk Printed, Nickel Plating and so on.

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