Stethoscope Made with Colorful Electroplating-Case Study

Stethoscope Made with Colorful Electroplating-Case Study

Stethoscope Made with Colorful Electroplating-Case Study

ServicesTurning and Milling Comibination, Colorful Electroplating

Material: SS316
About The Project

The client is a professional medical device company from South America. They wanted Janee to help them bring a unique rainbow-colored stethoscope to the market. The two components of the stethoscope- the bell and the stem will made with CNC machining.

The Challenges When CNC Machining this Project


Stainless steel 316 is known for its excellent cutting properties and corrosion resistance in CNC machining. With its high level of corrosion resistance and excellent processing capabilities, it proves to be ideal for meeting the specific requirements of the medical sector. But it cannot be ignored that SS316 has processing difficulties related to thermal deformation. This includes issues such as tool wear, excessive burrs, deformation when heated, and challenges when machining small holes.
As for this project, the complexity of bell's internal structure further compounded the difficulty of its production. In addition, taking into account its subsequent assembly with other parts, strict tolerance control measures were implemented to ensure that the bell's tolerances remained within the range of -0.01mm.


How The Parts Were Made


CNC Machining

The bell's appearance is similar to a smooth round knobs, but its internal structure is far more complex than knobs. Janee's workshop used a combination of turning and milling to present this precise part.


Colorful Electroplating
Color plating is a special form of electroplating that requires the addition of specific additives and a special process to achieve color effects. Color plating can form coatings of various colors on the metal surface, such as blue, red, green, etc. It can not only improve the decorative properties of the workpiece, but also be anti-corrosion and wear-resistant.

  • The Difference Between Colorful Electroplating and Ordinary Electroplating

The biggest difference between color plating and electroplating is the difference in additives and processes. Electroplating only requires conventional electrochemical metal plating processes, while color electroplating requires adding specific types and amounts of additives and controlling complex chemical reactions and reaction temperatures to obtain colored metal coatings.

  • Application of Colorful Electroplating


Color electroplating process can bring brilliant and psychedelic visual enjoyment to your metal products. Just like tie-dye, the colored halo formed after electroplating of each part is different, and each one is a unique product in the world.

In addition to medical equipment, color plating is widely used in the decoration and beautification of various metals, such as brake discs, anal plugs, fingertip spinners, bicycle axles, metal parts of automobiles, etc.

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