CNC Turned Parts

CNC Turned Parts

CNC Turned Parts

CNC turned parts refer to components that are manufactured using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathe. CNC turning is a machining process in which a cutting tool, typically a non-rotary tool bit, moves linearly while the workpiece rotates. This process is used to create cylindrical parts by removing material from the outer diameter.
With a focus on precision and efficiency, Janee delivers high-quality CNC turned parts. Our machines ensure precise control, with tolerance levels of +/- 0.05mm and surface finishes reaching Ra0.8.
Whether you need small batches or large-scale production runs, we're equipped to handle your project with precision and expertise.

CNC turning involves rotating a workpiece against a cutting tool to remove material and create cylindrical shapes. It's ideal for producing round or cylindrical components like shafts, pins, and bushings. Janee CNC Machining Banner

Here are the common CNC turned parts can be processed by CNC lathe or Swiss lathe.


Shafts, pins, spindles and bars are common CNC turned parts, efficiently processed by CNC lathes for versatility and Swiss lathes for high-precision, small-diameter production, ensuring superior quality and accuracy.
  • CNC Turned Stainless Steel Shafts
  • CNC Machining Aluminum Pins
  • CNC Machined Steel Spindles
  • CNC Turning Stainless Steel Bars
  • CNC Turned Aluminum Shafts
  • CNC Machined Brass Pins
  • CNC Machining Stainless Steel Spindles
  • CNC Turning Aluminum Bars
  • CNC Machined Steel Shafts
  • CNC Turned Stainless Steel Pins


Discover our CNC custom bushings, sleeves, and splines. Precision-engineered in stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and titanium for superior performance and durability.
  • CNC Turned Stainless Steel Bushings
  • CNC Machining Aluminum Sleeves
  • CNC Machined Brass Splines
  • CNC Turning Titanium Bushings
  • CNC Machined Steel Sleeves
  • CNC Turned Brass Splines
  • CNC Turning Aluminum Bushings
  • CNC Machining Titanium Sleeves
  • CNC Machined Stainless Steel Splines
  • CNC Turning Steel Bushings
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Explore our CNC custom knobs and caps, crafted with precision in stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and titanium for top-notch quality.
  • CNC Turned Stainless Steel Guitar Knobs
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Caps
  • CNC Machining Brass Guitar Knobs
  • CNC Turning Titanium Industrial Caps
  • CNC Machined Steel Knobs
  • CNC Turning Brass Guitar Caps
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Industrial Knobs
  • CNC Turning Stainless Steel Caps
  • CNC Machined Titanium Guitar Knobs
  • CNC Turning Steel Industrial Caps
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Check out our CNC custom nuts, screws, threads, and bolts. Precision-crafted from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and titanium for top performance.
  • CNC Turned Stainless Steel Nuts
  • CNC Machining Aluminum Screws
  • CNC Machined Brass Threads
  • CNC Turning Titanium Bolts
  • CNC Machined Steel Nuts
  • CNC Turning Brass Screws
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Threads
  • CNC Turning Stainless Steel Bolts
  • CNC Machined Titanium Nuts
  • CNC Turning Steel Industrial Screws
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O-rings, GasketInserts

Introducing CNC custom O-rings, gaskets, and inserts. Precision-made from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and titanium for optimal performance and durability.
  • CNC Turned Stainless Steel Inserts
  • CNC Machining Aluminum O-rings
  • CNC Machined Brass Gaskets
  • CNC Turning Titanium Inserts
  • CNC Machined Steel O-rings
  • CNC Turning Brass Gaskets
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Inserts
  • CNC Turning Stainless Steel O-rings
  • CNC Machining Titanium Gaskets
  • CNC Turned Steel Inserts
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Equipped with state-of-the-art Swiss-type lathes and CNC lathes, Janee CNC workshop excels in producing intricate CNC turning parts with tight tolerances, leveraging the precision, efficiency, and versatility of these machines to manufacture high-quality cylindrical components. Both CNC lathes and Swiss lathes offer automated, precise, and efficient solutions for turning operations, with the Swiss lathe excelling in high-precision, small-diameter parts production.
CNC Turning Factory CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe is a machine tool used for CNC turning processes. It operates by rotating the workpiece while a fixed cutting tool removes material to shape it. Key features include:

  • High Precision: Capable of producing parts with tight tolerances.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various materials, including metals and plastics.
  • Automation: Computer control for consistent, repeatable operations.
  • Common Uses: Shafts, bushings, nuts, bolts, flanges, and other cylindrical parts.
CNC Turning Factory Swiss Lathe

Swiss Lathe

Swiss Lathe (or Swiss-type lathe) is a specialized CNC lathe designed for high-precision, small-diameter parts. It differs from traditional CNC lathes in the following ways:

  • Guide Bushing: Supports the workpiece close to the cutting tool, reducing deflection and increasing precision.
  • Sliding Headstock: The headstock moves the material through the guide bushing, allowing for long, slender part machining.
  • Multi-Axis Capability: Can perform complex machining operations in one setup, including milling and drilling.



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