Aluminum Extrusion+ CNC Machining

Aluminum Extrusion+ CNC Machining

Aluminum Extrusion+ CNC Machining

Shape of the housing is made by aluminum extrusion, a modern process in which raw aluminum is heated and pushed through a shaped die opening. The opening can be modified to create different shapes and sizes to fulfill a user's specific needs.
Those aluminum housings made of aluminum extrusion and processed by machine center.


Did you know that extruded aluminum is a cool manufacturing process?

It involves squeezing aluminum at super high pressure through a special mold called a die. This die is carefully designed to give the aluminum a specific shape. The best part is that this process has two awesome benefits: First, it can create really complicated shapes that have all sorts of twists and turns. Second, it's a cost-effective way to make really long parts that can stretch for meters!
So, whether it's a fancy shape or a super long piece you need, extruded aluminum has got you covered!

Janee Precision has been producing custom aluminium extrusions for many years, delivering high-precision, complex profiles to clients from a vast range of industries. Normal tolerances to +/-0.1mm are possible, and a number of finishes, including anodizing, are available. With a wide variety of secondary processes, including CNC Machining, Janee Precision is your partner for a complete manufacturing solution.




Custom Aluminium Extrusions at JANEE

  • Post-Extrusion CNC Machining
  • Threads and Inserts
  • Custom Extrusions take approximately 3.5 - 4 weeks
  • Material Chemical Analysis


Custom Aluminum Extrusion Profiles
Standard aluminum extrusion profiles, such as extruded aluminum channels or bars, are typically produced in large quantities by specialized extrusion companies. If you require a significant number of these standard profiles, it is advisable to utilize the services of one of these companies.
However, if you need custom aluminum extrusion profiles with unique shapes, Janee Precision may be a more suitable choice. We are capable of accepting low-volume extrusion orders, which are ideal for prototyping and small batch production, enabling you to explore custom profiles.
In addition to creating custom aluminum extrusion profiles using specialized dies, we can also integrate extrusion with other manufacturing processes, such as CNC machining, to produce customized final parts. This approach allows for faster and more cost-effective production, particularly when the majority of the part features a consistent cross-section.

What materials are available for Custom Aluminium Extrusions?
The following grades of aluminium are available for extrusion. Do you require a specific temper such as T5 and T6? Contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect material.
Select a material to view available options:

  1. Aluminum Alloys: Aluminum alloys offer a wide range of options for custom extrusions. The most common alloy series used in extrusion include 6000 series (e.g., 6061, 6063), 7000 series (e.g., 7075), and 1000 series (e.g., 1100). Each alloy series has unique properties, such as strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability, allowing for versatility in design and performance.

  2. Copper Alloys: Copper alloys, such as brass (a mix of copper and zinc), can also be used for custom extrusions. Copper alloys offer excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, making them suitable for applications in electronics, heat sinks, and electrical components.

  3. Magnesium Alloys: Magnesium alloys are lightweight and possess good strength-to-weight ratios. They are commonly used in industries where weight reduction is critical, such as automotive and aerospace.

  4. Zinc Alloys: Zinc alloys, like Zamak, can be employed for custom extrusions. These alloys exhibit excellent casting properties, making them suitable for complex shapes and intricate designs.

  5. Composite Materials: Custom aluminum extrusions can also be produced using composite materials, where aluminum is combined with other materials like polymers or fibers. These composites offer enhanced properties, such as increased strength, stiffness, or thermal stability.

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The selection of the material depends on factors like desired properties, environmental conditions, end-use requirements, and cost considerations. Working closely with an experienced extrusion manufacturer can help determine the most appropriate material for your specific application.
What finishes are available for Custom Aluminium Extrusions?

Why Choose JANEE PRECISION for Bespoke Aluminium Extrusions?

With a wide range of manufacturing processes and finishing options available in-house, Janee Precision has the flexibility, capability, and expertise to successfully complete your aluminum extrusion project. Our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures consistent quality throughout the entire process. You can trust Janee Precision to deliver your parts on time and according to your specifications.
We take pride in providing exceptional, responsive, and personalized customer service. Contact us today to get started on your project.



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