Custom CNC Milling Retaining Block

Custom CNC Milling Retaining Block

Custom CNC Milling Retaining Block

Custom CNC Milling Retaining Block- CNC Milling Service
Custom CNC retaining blocks are essential components used to secure and stabilize various parts in mechanical assemblies. They offer high precision, ensuring proper alignment and reducing vibration, which enhances the overall performance and longevity of the equipment.

These blocks are commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications, where precise positioning and reliable holding power are crucial. CNC machining allows for bespoke designs tailored to specific requirements, ensuring optimal fit and functionality for diverse applications.

Milling provides exceptional precision and customization, ensuring each retaining block fits perfectly and performs reliably. It enhances durability, accuracy, and overall quality, meeting stringent industry standards. Dongguan JANEE Precision Hardware Co., Ltd has been excelling at cnc machining service for 20 years, providing and delivering high quality stainless steel CNC machined components to many countries.

Custom CNC milling retaining blocks can be processed using a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and titanium. Aluminum offers lightweight and good thermal conductivity, stainless steel provides high strength and corrosion resistance, brass is known for its excellent machinability and durability, and titanium boasts superior strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for diverse applications.

Something about Our CNC Milling Service :
  • Material: SS303, SS304F, SS304L, SS316F, SS316L, Al6061, Al7075, Brass, Titanium, ABS are available. For more materials, contact us!
  • Tolerance: Max +/-0.002mm can be achieved with help of precision grinding.
  • Surface treatment: Polished, Brushed, Sandblasted, Beadblasted, Phosphated, QPQ, Passivation, and laser engraved can be applied.
  • MOQ: No qty limitation. We are open to low and high volume orders.
  • Production Machines: CNC Lathe, CNC Lathe with Ironhand, Swiss-typed lathe with turret and Tailstock.
  • Inspection Machines: CMM, Quadratic Measurement and Height Indicator.
  • Certificate: We are a ISO9001:2015 certificated factory.
  • All parts are custom made according to client’s drawing or samples.

1. Automotive:
  • Engine Components: Securely holds engine parts in place to reduce vibration and improve performance.
  • Transmission Systems: Ensures proper alignment and stability of gears and shafts.
2. Aerospace:
  • Structural Assemblies: Provides stability and precision for critical aircraft components.
  • Control Systems: Enhances the reliability and accuracy of flight control mechanisms.
3. Industrial Machinery:
  • Manufacturing Equipment: Maintains alignment and reduces wear in heavy machinery.
  • Robotics: Ensures precise positioning and stability of robotic arms and components.
4. Electronics:
  • Circuit Boards: Secures and aligns PCBs, enhancing durability and performance.
  • Enclosures: Provides stable mounting for electronic components, ensuring proper function.
5. Medical Devices:
  • Diagnostic Equipment: Ensures precise alignment of imaging and diagnostic machinery.
  • Surgical Tools: Provides stability and precision in the assembly of surgical instruments.

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