CNC Machined Chassis Plate

CNC Machined Chassis Plate

CNC Machined Chassis Plate

Durable CNC Machined Chassis Plate - CNC Machining Stainless Steel Service
Stainless steel chassis plates are made of different finishes to achieve aesthetics, which makes it widely used in racing cars. Car chassis provide the framework for vehicle assembly, supporting the engine, suspension, and body. They ensure structural integrity, safety, and proper weight distribution, contributing to vehicle stability and performance on the road. Chassis also absorb and distribute forces encountered during driving, enhancing overall durability and handling.

CNC Machined RC Car Chassis

Stainless steel chassis are known for their exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and durability.  They provide robust support for various structures and equipment, including electronic devices, machinery, and vehicles.

Machined chassis plated are produced by cnc milling, in the meanwhile, Heat treatment and Black DLC can be applied with to ensure precision, strength and appearance. As a professional stainless steel cnc milling factory in China, Dongguan JANEE Precision Hardware Co., Ltd has been producing high quality RC chassis, precision stainless steel plate and cnc machined chassis palte since 2003, providing and delivering high quality stainless steel CNC machined components all over the world.

We have rich experience in CNC Machining Chassis Plate with different materials. We have produced Stainless Steel Chassis plate, Aluminum Chassis plate, Carbon Steel chassis plate, and Brass chassis plate. All the CNC machining chassis plates are produced under ISO 9001:2015quality management systems and we are committed to deliver high quality  CNC Milled Chassis Plate. Consult us to gain your custom cnc machined chassis solution. 
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Something about Our CNC Milled Chassis Plate Service:
  • Material: SS201, SS301, SS302, SS303, SS304F, SS304L, SS316F, SS316L, SS420 are available. Besides, Brass, Aluminum, Steel Alloy, Titanium are accessable in JANEE. For more materials, feel free to contact us.
  • Surface treatment: Heat treatment, Black DLC, Laser engraving
  • Tolerance: +-0.001mm
  • Usage: Provide the framework for vehicle assembly, supporting the engine, suspension, and body
  • MOQ: No qty limitation. We are open to low and high volume orders.
  • Delivery time: 10 days for samples, 25 days for bulk production.
  • Samples policy: When your order of one model more than $5000, we are happy to provide 1pc free sample for your testing.
  • Production Machines: CNC Lathe, CNC Lathe with Ironhand, Swiss-typed lathe with turret and Tailstock.
  • Inspection Machines: CMM, Quadratic Measurement and Height Indicator.
  • After sales service: After the customer receives the product, if the product does not meet the requirements, our company will first analyze where the problem is. If it is a processing error, our company will arrange a redo or a full refund as soon as possible. If the customer's drawing is wrong, if the sample is wrong and the product is scrapped, it will be discussed separately. I believe that any problem can be satisfactorily resolved through communication and negotiation until the customer is satisfied. Please feedback to us any problem within 15 days after you received them.
  • Certificate: We are a ISO9001:2015 certificated factory.
  • All parts are custom made according to client’s drawing or samples.

RC Car Chassis Plate


  • Mini Racing car chassis plate
  • Motorcycle chassis plate
  • Truck chassis plate
  • Automotive chassis plate

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