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Die Casting

Our Precision Die Casting  Services

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Die casting is a metal-forming process. Molten metal is poured into a mold to create components with high precision, intricate detail, and fits that are perfect for functional use. Die-cast parts are popular in automotive, aerospace, medical components, power equipment, lighting, firearms, and multiple other industries. 



Our Precision Die Casting Services

If you have needs of custom metal parts, Janee is a die casting service manufacturer that can help. Since 2007, we’ve hold our engineering team and equipment to a high standard to continually deliver strong and durable parts and prototypes. Janee can provide die-cast components using hot chamber and cold chamber production die-casting machines.
Hot Champer Die Casting

Hot Chamber Die Casting

Hot chamber die casting, also known as gooseneck casting, is a considerably quick process with a typical casting cycle only 15 to 20 minutes. It allows for high volume manufacturing of comparatively complex parts. The process is ideal for zinc alloy, lean alloys, copper and other alloys with low melting point.

Cold Champer Die Casting

Cold Chamber Die Casting

Cold chamber die casting process is an very important procedure which helps  reduce the amount of heat and solve the corrosion problem in machine’s plunder and related components. The process is primarily used for alloys with high melting points, like aluminum, magnesium, some copper, and ferrous alloys.


Aluminum Steel  Brass Die Casting

Die Casting Materials Available in Janee

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

Zinc Alloy
Magnesium Alloy

Extensive Finishing Options for Die Casting Parts
Post-processing and finishing is the final step of precision die casting. Finishing can be applied to remove the surface defects of cast parts, enhance mechanical or chemical properties, and improve products’ cosmetic appearance. There are eight types of die casting surface finishing Janee is providing for die casting parts. Click here to learm more about the surface treatments provided. 
Painting: Applying paint or powder coating to add color, improve aesthetics, and provide corrosion resistance.

Anodizing: Creating a protective oxide layer on the surface of aluminum parts to enhance corrosion resistance, durability, and appearance.
Plating: Electroplating with metals such as chrome, nickel, or zinc to improve corrosion resistance, hardness, and aesthetics.
Polishing: Buffing or grinding the surface to achieve a smooth, reflective finish.
Passivation: Treating stainless steel parts to remove impurities and improve corrosion resistance.

Chemical Conversion Coating: Applying chemical solutions to create a protective layer on the surface, enhancing corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.
Shot Blasting: Bombarding the surface with small metal or ceramic particles to remove surface imperfections and improve finish.
Tumbling: Using abrasive media to deburr, smooth, and polish the surface of parts.

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Why Choose Janee for Your Die Casting Parts
Die Casting Material

Diverse Options Available

We offer an extensive selection of material types, surface finishes, tolerances, and manufacturing methods for your die casting components. Tailoring our offerings to your specific requirements, we provide personalized quotes and manufacturing recommendations to ensure you receive a customized and economical solution.

Janee Die Casting Workshop

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

We operate die casting factory in Dongguan- Factory of the World, to ensure efficient production and quick turnaround for your casting parts. Additionally, our state-of-the-art, automated hot champer and cold champer facilities are equipped to handle a variety of complex die casting projects tailored to your specifications.
Stringent Quality Assurance

Stringent Quality Assurance

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory, we prioritize precision in our die casting services. Our dedicated engineering team at Janee conducts thorough quality inspections at various production stages, including pre-production, in-production, first article inspection, and prior to delivery, ensuring the production of top-quality parts.

Janee engineering support

Engineering Support

Our experienced engineering team is always ready to offer assistance. You will receive professional suggestions from early-stage material selection, surface treatment suggestion to money-saving tips and technical reminders before manufacturing. This includes custom prototype design advice. Janee’s production is second-to-none.

Learn More About Our Services
Janee- Machining Service

CNC Machining Service

Janee is providing precision machined parts for both metal and plastic in as fast as 1 day, with optional plating and anodizing surface treatments in as fast as 4 days.

Janee-Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

From easy quoting to quick-turn production and diverse finishing options, get up to 500 quality sheet metal parts in your hands in days from Janee.

Janee- Wire Forming

Wire Forming Service

From easy quoting to quick-turn production and diverse finishing options, get up to 500 quality sheet metal parts in your hands in days from Janee.

Janee- Assembly Service

Assembly Service

Discover more abouth Janee’s mechanical assembly ability. With experienced team, Janee is able to help you from spare parts to finished products.



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