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Block Of Aluminum For Cnc | Cnc Aluminum Wholesaler

CNC aluminum machining not only excels in mechanical performance but also delivers impeccable surface finishing, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the final products. The precise cutting and shaping techniques yield smooth surfaces and intricate designs, creating visually stunning aluminum parts. Additionally, the naturally formed oxide layer on aluminum ensures excellent corrosion resistance, making CNC aluminum components suitable for outdoor, marine, and harsh environment applications.

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Endless Customization:

Explore millions of possible combinations of materials, finishes, tolerances, markings, and certifications tailored to your exact requirements. At Janee, we are committed to producing or sourcing the perfect solutions for your needs.

Rapid Turnaround

With a cutting-edge facility boasting over 80 sets of advanced machines and a skilled workforce of 120+, Janee delivers highly accurate parts with lightning-fast lead times, as quick as 3 days. Additionally, our prompt quoting process for CNC machined parts, stamping, folding, and custom springs saves valuable time in your RFQ process.

High Precision Tolerances

Janee sets the standard for high-precision tolerances, ranging from +/-0.001mm to +/-0.05mm, based on your specific requirements. Count on us to excel in producing intricate and ready-to-use parts that meet your exacting standards.


Our CNC machining processes are versatile, catering to both prototyping and large-scale production of CNC parts and folded components. Janee's expansive capabilities enable smooth transitions from the testing phase to full-scale production runs of 100,000 parts or more.

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With a remarkable track record spanning over 15 years in precision metal parts, Janee has earned widespread acclaim as a renowned manufacturer specializing in CNC machining services, custom spring fabrication, and metal stamping & folding.   Leveraging the latest CNC machining capabilities, Janee excels in producing highly accurate custom metal and plastic parts, often delivering them in as little as 1 day.   From prototyping to large-scale production, Janee's versatile machining services cater to a diverse range of needs.   Regardless of the project's size, complexity, or whether it involves CNC machining or stamping, Janee is fully equipped to handle it all.   Moreover, our responsiveness to CNC machined parts quotations expedites the RFQ process, saving valuable time for our customers.

The main products are: Cnc Parts, Cnc Aluminum, Custom Spring, Cnc Machining Service, Metal Stamping, Metal Folding, Cnc Turning, Cnc Milling, Disc Brake, Cnc Machined Components.

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CNC Aluminum: Meeting Sustainable Manufacturing Demands

As sustainability becomes a focal point in various industries, CNC aluminum emerges as a key player in meeting eco-friendly manufacturing demands. The recyclability of aluminum coupled with CNC's minimal material wastage results in reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, CNC machines can be optimized for energy efficiency, lowering overall resource consumption. By adopting CNC aluminum machining, industries contribute to a greener future, aligning their manufacturing practices with sustainable objectives.

CNC Aluminum: Unmatched Material Versatility

Aluminum's wide range of alloys provides an array of material properties, and CNC machining unleashes their full potential. From lightweight and corrosion-resistant 6061-T6 to the high-strength aerospace-grade 7075, CNC aluminum can cater to diverse industry needs. This material versatility ensures that CNC aluminum components can withstand challenging environments, making them suitable for applications in aerospace, automotive, marine, and beyond.

CNC Aluminum: Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness Combined

In the competitive manufacturing landscape, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. CNC aluminum machining excels in both aspects by streamlining production processes and minimizing material wastage. With automated tool changes and optimized cutting paths, CNC machines can deliver faster production cycles and reduce labor costs. Additionally, the ability to work with a variety of aluminum alloys ensures cost-effective solutions tailored to specific project requirements, making CNC aluminum an ideal choice for large-scale manufacturing.

CNC Aluminum: Redefining Quality Control

Ensuring product quality is of utmost importance in manufacturing, and CNC aluminum plays a significant role in enhancing quality control measures. CNC processes enable real-time monitoring and feedback, ensuring deviations are promptly identified and corrected during production. The elimination of manual interventions reduces the risk of human errors and enhances consistency throughout the production process. With CNC aluminum's meticulous quality control, manufacturers can deliver products that meet stringent industry standards, building trust with their customers.

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Outstanding quality and precision! Janee's CNC Parts and Cnc Aluminum components have surpassed our expectations. The attention to detail and flawless finishing make our products stand out in the market. Truly impressed with their expertise and customer service.

Maria Gonzalez

Impressive CNC Machining Service! Janee's team demonstrated exceptional technical prowess and professionalism. From Cnc Turning to Cnc Milling, they handled our project with utmost precision. Their dedication to meeting tight deadlines is commendable.

Jessica Nguyen

Reliable partner for Metal Stamping and Metal Folding needs. Janee's capabilities are unmatched in the industry. Their skilled team executed our designs flawlessly, and the end results exceeded our expectations. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Carlos Rodriguez

Janee's expertise in Disc Brake production is unparalleled! Their Cnc Machined Components play a crucial role in our products' performance and safety. We appreciate their commitment to quality and their prompt response to our inquiries. Working with Janee has been a great experience!

Sophie Dupont
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CNC aluminum machining offers advantages such as high precision and repeatability, the ability to produce complex designs, increased productivity through automation, cost-effectiveness through material optimization, and flexibility for design modifications and customization.

CNC aluminum machining is used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and industrial equipment manufacturing, where lightweight, strong, and thermally conductive aluminum components are required.

CNC aluminum machining optimizes material usage, reduces waste, and allows for efficient production processes, resulting in cost-effectiveness. It also enables design modifications and customization without requiring extensive tooling changes.

CNC aluminum machining ensures precision by utilizing computer control to guide cutting tools and movements, resulting in accurate reproduction of intricate designs and minimizing errors.

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